dancer, choreographer, musician


"Ravibandu Vidyapathy's artistry derives from intense musicality and the ability to transfer a musician's sensitivity from inner ear to outer body. His dancing was phrased, and the phrasing was intelligent and lucid. Not a beat was obscured, even those that were silent and felt only in the gut. He attacked movements almost imperceptibly early with a drummer's drive to the next count. He moved with an overarching view of where he was coming from and where he was going to, so that he never danced the moment. Like waves, the phrases surged forward till they rested in serene repose, and then swelled again."

Pamela Squires, The Washington Post - May 24, 1994

"Within the confines of my school there were few dancers of exceptional talent. I do not wish to sound selective by referring to my own students, but objectively I see in them the future torch bearers of the modern dance theater. An up and coming artist I wish to mentioned is Ravibandhu Vidyapathy. He is the son of Somabandhu and comes from a line of traditional dancers. His talents are many and varied. He is technically sound and a compelling dramatic dancer. He is a very fine drummer and talented painter and has undergone training in Kathakali at Kerala Kala Mandalam. He has also experimented in the ballet medium and is altogether an intelligent and versatile artiste who should go a long way."

Dr. Chitrasena - 1985

"Ravi's portrayal of Judas after his betrayal of Jesus was charged with an emotional electricity that was tangible to the audience. His feelings of guilt, sadness and some deeper, darker emotion transfixed the onlookers."

Sandamal Jayasekara, Sunday Observer.