Oriental Ballet





Director's Note

"Macbeth is an oriental dance adaptation of the Bards tragedy in a nut-shell, set in a Sri Lankan background. I have incorporated different visual aspects of our traditional dance forms such as the costumes, props and at times limitlessly extended my imaginations to borrow from other cultures, hence a touch of Kathakali in the makeup. I purposely omitted some characters in order to suite the dance medium and have woven the ballet around the few main characters. As prologue and an epilogue connects the ballet to a present day context.”


Macbeth: Ravibandhu Vidyapathy

Lady Macbeth: Samanthi Vidyapathy

Bnaquo: Ranjith Priyanga

Duncan: Saranga Abhayasinghe

Witches: Ruvini Liyanage, Vanamal Silva, Manaka Jayasuriya

Dagger: Ajith Amarasiri

Mind: Purnika Peiris

Men: Isuru Weerasinghe, Sajith de Silva, Dayan Champika,Punyajith Sirimanna, Nupathi Nilambara, Kolitha Thenuwara, Dilhana Ramyasiri, Jeewana Chathuranga, Nadeeka Weligodapala, Dhanushka

Women: Geethani Warnapura, Samanmali Jayathilaka, Kumari Vitharana, Nishadhi Thilakawardhana, Dinusha Gamage, Madhushika Perera, Hiruni Thenuwara

Choreography and direction: Ravibandhu Vidyapathy

Assisted: Smanthi Vidyapathy

Music: Pradeep Rathnayaka

Décor and Costume design: Ravibandhu Vidyapathy

Costumes: Malathi Somabandhu

Lighting: Mahesh Umagiliya

Stage Management: Krishantha Weerakoon


"It was a brave attempt by Ravibandu Vidyapathi to bring on stage, as a ballet, one of William Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies – Macbeth. We give him and the Ravibandu Samanthi Narthanayathanaya all praise for this innovative production. Applause loud and clear goes to Ravibandu – director and choreographer assisted by Samanthi Vidyapathi; Pradeep Ratnayake for composing and arranging the music and of course all others involved in the production, including the dancers."

- Macbeth: Oriental Ballet. Nanda Pethiyagoda, The Island, 2008/07/27-

"To the astonishment of many, Ravibandu Vidyapathy took up the challengers of rejuvenating the celebrated tragedy in local ballet form. Plainly speaking, Vidyapathy has achieved the goal, since the ballet is an engrossing production performed smoothly, especially since it is a difficult procedure to set a renowned creation involving wordplay into a worldless medium expressing the tale through facial and bodily guestures."

- Macbeth: Incarnation of evil with oriental flavour, Sachitra Mahendra and Ruwini Jayawardana, Daily News, 30/07/2008-