Oriental Ballet





Director's note

"Of all play writes, Shakespeare I believe is the most danceable. I have always been fascinated by the tragedies, Hamlet, Macbeth and Othello, simply because they provide material for choreographers to come out with dramatic dance designs. This Othello is an improvisation on Shakespeare's play and invite only the four characters, Othello, Desidemona, Iago and Emalia and is more symphonic than theatrical in its concept. The use of a dance chorus to link the characters, situations and scenes gives it a somewhat a Greco-Grahamic touch.

I have not tried to give any new interpretation nor did I want to exploit the politics of the play. I have only attempted to deal with the inner feelings and the more complex psychic conditions of the characters in an elaborate language that is dance."


Othello : Dayan Kahandawala

Desdemona : Vanamal Silva

Iago : Nupathi Nilambara

Emilia : Dinusha Ranathunga

Cassiao : Geeth Premachandra

Chorus : Kolitha Thenuwara, Jeewana Chathuranga, Jayampathi Bandara, Thilanga Wijesekara, Vishva Vidyapathi, Amritha Vidyapathy, Mauli Sithara, Sathya Maljini, Malsha Amarasingha, Maheshika Madhubashini

choreography, direction , costume & set design : Ravibandhu Vidyapathy

assisted by : Samanthi Vidyapathy

Music : Jithendra Vidyapathy

Lighting : Upali Ariyasiri

Stage management : S.S. Jayasooriya, Sriyan de Silva, Ruvinda Lakmal